Ways To Deal With Your Skin Peeling During A Massage

Of all the places that people get massaged, the back is one of the most common areas. This means that if you've booked a massage appointment, there's a high probability that you'll find yourself lying face down while your massage therapist kneads your back muscles for relaxation and pain relief. A back massage is highly pleasurable, but you may begin to fret when you feel your skin peeling a little. First of all, don't worry — this is something that happens to many people, and it's not going to upset your massage therapist. Read More 

3 Common Sense Ways To Fight Back Against Back Pain In Your Daily Life

Back pain can be very debilitating. Luckily, with the help of a chiropractor from a place like Davison Chiropractic, it is possible to work through back pain. However, there are numerous changes you can also make to your daily life to complement the work that your chiropractor does to relieve your back pain. Get Moving It may seem counterintuitive, but if you want to fight back against your back pain, you need to get moving and start exercising. Read More 

Techniques For Managing Blurry Vision After A Car Accident

Changes to your vision are just one type of injury that you can commonly experience in a car accident, especially if it occurred at a high rate of speed and you endured a whiplash movement. A chiropractor, like those at Physical Rehabilitation Centers, can be an asset in helping you deal with your blurred vision, which is likely the result of nerve impingement in your neck from the whiplash motion. In the days prior to your assessment and treatment, and even in between chiropractic appointments if multiple sessions are needed, it's important for you to effectively and safely manage your blurry vision. Read More 

3 Things To Try When Diagnosed With Low Testosterone

Testosterone levels have an effect on everything from mental wellbeing to sex drive. This means that when a man experiences lower than normal levels of testosterone it can have a huge impact on his quality of life. A diagnosis of low testosterone levels can also be a relief, however, since it means there is a medical explanation for a variety of side effects. Once you know that you have low testosterone you can begin taking steps to improve your levels. Read More 

Is It Taking Too Long To Recover From Your Last Mud Run? 3 Signs That Your Neck Pain Needs Chiropractic Care

Getting down and dirty is just part of being a weekend warrior, and your last mud run was a total success. Participating in charity events always makes you feel good, but this last one left you with some lingering pain that your normal recovery strategies just can't seem to treat. Unfortunately, injuries are common during these types of events, and it is possible that you have a strain or other back injury that isn't obvious at first glance. Read More